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in this arctic silence (just a reminder. the environment is still a priority) (positive change from covid19 shutdowns proves it can be) done) ©johnfinkjr (original music by john fink jr/sin drella, bemirror (dedicated to all the climate deniers and coronavirus hoax seekers) (please do find reality soon)  ©2020johnfinkjr (original music by johnfinkjr/finkster cd Conscience)in the fog (for your family's sake, don't attend super spreader events) (listen to your doctors, don't let propagandists ruin your life) ©2020johnfinkjratmosphere of deceit  (couldn't believe the things i heard this July 4th weekend) lies lies lies while people die from a virus that's not going away. division and corruption spun to serve himself. eviair of conceit (parents are not willing to sacrifice their children and families for your politically selfish, distorted, view of reality.) ©2020johnfinkjrstorm clouds (I will not sacrifice my loved ones for a lunatic. will You?) ©2020johnfinkjrreflecting (reflecting inward, we all feel right and wrong. there is something very wrong with what is going on here. PLEASE, wear a mask, listen to the science, (not politicians). shelter until the nbefore the cows go home (only criminals pardon criminals) ©2020johnfinkjrsmall places  (going after scientists won't fix you. nothing can fix you. you are empty of anything to fix.)  ©2020johnfinkjrsign in the mist (WH is a ship of fools in the waves of covid 19) ©2020johnfinkjrtree on a horse farm ©2020johnfinkjra dance of light©2020johnfinkjrone tree (dedicated to the incomparable -JOHN LEWIS-  God help us make "good trouble" - BLM) ©2020johnfinkjrreap what is sown (the more tests, the more sick infected people? cut funding for testing?  Europe has covid 19 stats at 0.5 because they don't test?)  (when does stupidity become self evident? perhap