Images Of Conscience   (Formerly) At Gallery 234 * Laramie, WY * May 23 to June 30, 2011      

Artist Statement

For myself photography is art. Many dimensions encompass one's art.

In the end, the result reflects the intended vision of the artist.

It comes through many individual efforts of expression, inspired by endless diversity.

Indeed, Inspiration moves us through time.

John Fink Jr.

This work directs attention towards the present day pathos of society, caused by sociopolitical issues.
A reflection of conscience pertaining to domestic and global society.

Not concerned with any one style, "Images Of Conscience" project a reality we live with today.
Social ills, complex in nature, well beyond the simplistic fix.
Idealism is only a dream, if we allow ourselves the luxury of inaction.  
The titles below are a pathway into the images.
It is the artist's intention that the viewer be inspired.
Inspiration moves us through time.  Travel well!

Images Of Conscience

01 Love
02 Birth
03 No One
04 Everyone
05 Woman Suffers The Family
06 Mother's Little Helper
07 Hell's Nursery
08 Liberation
09 The Morphine Smile
10 Saints And Sinners
11 Racial Divide
12 Wounded In Hatred
13 Forgiven Tears
14 Inside Looking Out
15 Betrayal
16 Sinister Lies
17 The Pope's Training Book
18 Religiosity
19 Faces In The Dark
20 Genocide
21 Sorrow
22 Into The Unknown


A heartfelt and sincere thank you to my dear friend and collaborator Richard Olveda.  

John Fink Jr.
Pennington, NJ
April 2011

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